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Monday, July 28, 2014

The UN doesn't give a shit about whats going on in Gaza. About 2 million people are being held captive in the worlds biggest open air prison and they have no place to go. The average age of people living in Gaza is 17. So that means about a quarter of a million people are under the age of 10. While Hamas are launching rockets into Israel , the majority of them are being shot down by a sophisticated missile dome shield, funded by the United States. Israel in return, launch drone strikes and mortar fire into heavily populated areas. The blood of innocent Women & Children is flowing though the narrow streets of Gaza. This is nothing more than Murder!

Source : #FreePalestine 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The man-like hand is the most dear instrument in the experience of all of the arts. Responsible for the full of ideas output that gives account of qualities the man-like species which lastly differentiates us from all other certain animals, the hands are, as the German philosopher Kant is often named, ''man's outer brain.'' 
one true Master who uses here know-how to the full is Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera who through joining together little pieces of colored paper makes come into existence the most beautiful bird sculptures. given impulse to by the filigree beauty of birds wings in motion she redoes three-dimensional collages from nature pictures by camera that are naturalistic ally replicated through the use of paper. 

Source : yatzer

Banksy is one of the most pleasing to all names in street work of art, in 2010 artist debuted his 1st film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” The motion picture was selected for Academy Award for best of a record. Banksys work has been completely printed materials connected and the artist remains living to this day. Most recently Banksy took over the streets of New York, uncovering a new work of art each day for the month of October 2013. Now a days Banksy lives in New York and his 27 still waiting work you will in this post under.

Source : colorsandjoy

Every Kid has a dreams, after seeing these 15 young persons room designs you desire them for your very young person because these great work of art for children are just beyond mind picturing. These are the best example of true works of art from some best inside designers who've put their heart and seat of feeling into each room, to make it look causing public interest and small, delicate being in old stories story like. These room our kids will have special rights a great amount and will also help them to learn. These full of ideas bedroom designs are very help full for our child's physical activities without going anywhere outside the room.

1. Pirate Ship Room

Image Credit : twincitiesremodeler.com

2. Calvin and Hobbes Bedroom
Image Credit : reddit.com

3. Secret Chronicles Of Narnia Room

Image Credit : imgur.com
4. Spaceship Captain’s Console

Image Credit : reddit.com
5. Tree House Bedroom

Image Credit : mytropolisdesign.com
6. Secret Slide Passage And Play Room
Image Credit : home-reviews.com

7. Secret Treehouse Play Room
 Image Credit : modenus.com

8. House Within A House
Image Credit : flickr.com

9. Fairy-Tale Nursery
Image Credit : mytropolisdesign.com
10. Ship Captain’s Bedroom
Image Credit : psdab.com

11. Adventure Treehouse Room
Image Credit : houzz.com

12. Ship Captain’s Lookout And Bedroom

Image Credit : master-service.ru

13. Forest Wonderland Bedroom
Image Credit : faynblat.com

14. Racetrack Bedroom
Image Credit : wendiyoung.com

15. Hideout Tubes
Image Credit : mprdg.com

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